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Jul 17

DNW Group expands its reach into the investment services sector with iPartners

Today DNW Group (DNW) announces the successful investment into iPartners. iPartners allows investors convenient on-line access to curated alternative opportunities by identifying projects and financing transactions where income and growth participation is achieved.

DNW Group is motivated by delivering investment opportunities to its Capital Partner customers across different investment types. The Group looks to invest in companies that provide innovative solutions across the property and care sectors. The partnership with iPartners allows DNW Group to take another step on their journey to deliver Capital Partner customer experiences that exceed their expectations.

According to DNW Group MD, Dean Willemsen “iPartners aligns with our commitment to innovate in the investment sector by providing unique secure investment opportunities while preserving independence and strong corporate governance. We also continuously look at the use of smart techniques as solutions into new models of investment. iPartners and their management team have a wealth of experience to deliver this outcome and is a logical partner for us.”

DNW and iPartners will be launching a Clearstate (DNW owned land subdivision business) 48 lot land subdivision investment opportunity in Rouse Hill with a target to raise $3.3 million of equity. This will allow iPartners Investors to achieve a 49% stake in the project, with an Equity IRR target of approximately 40%.

DNW looks forward to collaborating with the iPartners team over the coming months to deliver best in class investment opportunities for the long-term. For more information about iPartners visit:

For further enquiries please contact:
Kevin Reinert

Posted by: DNW Group