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Dec 18

DNW Group launches Heuga, a revolutionary new housing model

After three years of extensive research and development by DNW Group, the first Heuga prototype homes were today unveiled in Schofields NSW.

Heuga is a revolutionary new housing model that has been designed to help provide the missing link in the Australian housing market. Inspired by the Danish word ‘hygge’ which loosely translates into the feeling of warmth, cosiness and contentment at home, Heuga will be the first, fully-automated housing system to be manufactured off-site, that puts the customer first.

It will ultimately provide customers surety of product quality, standardised cost models, guaranteed construction timeframes that don’t compromise upon quality and ten-year warranties as standard. Our team welcomes the industry to get on board and join our founding partners – Impresa House, Masterwall and Elderton Homes on the exciting journey ahead.

You can see Channel 9’s exclusive coverage of the launch here. If you have Instagram, please don’t forget to follow us

Posted by: DNW Group