Investment Partners

DNW Group is about bringing together like-minded investment partners to invest in companies that provide a balanced approach of profitability and an enriched lifestyle for our customers.

While our primary focus is presently on the property and care sectors, we will entertain expansion into areas that represent a logical progression for us. These must be companies that have strong underlying values and where we see opportunity for growth over the long-term.

DNW Group’s investment decision making is done through rolling Investment Plan with key investment decisions governed by a four-member Advisory Board and an Investment Committee that meets monthly to review key transactions across the Group, to learn more visit our Leadership Team information page on this website.

It is through this process we maintain robust commercial and capital management practices to ensure our risks are both understood and mitigated throughout our investment cycle.

Our investments are typically long-term, as we believe more value can be gained through our sustained influence.

To find out more about becoming a DNW Group Investment Partner,